A Message by the Head of School

Maria Regina College Middle School, opened its doors for the first students in October 2014. It was then, the first Co-Educational Middle School which catered for Years 7 and 8 as part of the implementation of the updated education policies.

Since then, the school, although still in its initial years, has evolved in to a dynamic school, bridging the early and primary years of schooling and the senior years in a seamless manner. Its catchment area, namely Naxxar, Mosta, Gharghur, Burmarrad, St. Paul’s Bay, Qawra and Mellieha, have shaped the school into a multicultural community. The ever-growing student population and the yearly increase in new registrations have kept the school seeking to expand further year after year. Moreover, due to the relatively high incidence of non-Maltese students, the school has developed and piloted strategies both at College and at National level in order to offer a better service in the provision of the best educational experience of our students.

I am very proud to head a very proactive team of leaders and educators who very professionally are keen on offering a student-centred, equitable and holistic educational experience. We try to offer an interesting educational environment through different characteristics; interactive formal education, interesting outings which are complementary to the educational learning outcomes, a number of non-formal educational activities and informal after school programmes – a very wide curriculum to satisfy a wider range of requirements. Moreover, an experienced team with psychosocial background, support our students who require these specific services.

Exploring this website will give you a better view of these aspects and will shed more light on how we practice our vision in a diverse environment. Together with our Facebook page, through this website we plan to showcase the achievements of our students, both scholastically and personally, and also to keep you well informed on whatever queries you might have through the enhancement of the school-parents relationship.

Finally, whilst thanking all those involved in the creation and upkeeping of this website, I proudly invite you to be regular users of this website and keep yourself abreast with the latest information. Once again, Welcome.

Lino Borg

Head of School