A Message by the College Principal

Maria Regina College is made up of six Primary Schools, a Middle School, two Secondaries and other institutions. The Middle School of Naxxar hosts our students at a transitional period between primary and secondary schooling;  two very important year groups, i.e. Year 7 and 8 (Forms 1 and 2).  It is an ever growing school even though it is still in its early years of service provision.  It is a very energetic school hosted in a mixture of old and new blocks with a refurbished and upgraded outdoor area comprising a football pitch,  a basketball pitch and other grounds.  

The school administration is always seeking to improve both premises and the educational aspect. It aims at upgrading the premises so that they can provide the proper space for better educational experiences.

MRC Naxxar Middle School is known for its efforts to offer various programmes to cater for the different needs of its students.  It originated various projects and curricular initiatives and embarked on others being piloted in Malta.  It was one of the first to be proactive and offer lessons  in humanities in the English language for non-Maltese-speaking students.  

Many experiences are given to all students, both those originated internally and other national competitions and activities which are taken on board immediately for the same purpose.   

MRC Middle School is an integral part of Maria Regina College and it helps the College in networking and in smooth transitions, since it organises activities and meetings for students from the feeder school (Yr 6) and others for their Year 8 who would be soon moving to the two secondary schools.  The school definitely mirrors the ethos of the college since it is very Creative, Innovative and Professional.

Patrick Decelis  B.Ed. (Hons), M.Sc. Educ. Lead. (Leic.)
Head College Network
Maria Regina College  Creative, Innovative, Professional
Administration Centre, Triq l-Inkurunazzjoni, MOSTA, MALTAw  e  t 25986508 / 25986509